GECO RHTA 9x19mm Headstamp

I just got an inquiry on this headstamp.


Any help appreciated.

If you have a box of these, please post the box image and save me one of the cartridges!!! I am always an optimist.



I got the same photo. All I have to offer about the headstamp is pure guesswork, based on some other uses of the initials involved on that headstamp:

Geco - self explanatory

RHTA - Possibly “Reduced Hazard Training Ammunition”

L.F. - Possibly “Lead Free” although in my view, that would be redundant to “Reduced Hazard.”

The term Training Ammunition applied to specific items, rather than in a generic sense, seems to be fairly current. I point out the purple-case Winchester .40 S&W rounds made initially for the U.S. Coast Guard, and similar rounds.

Reduced Hazard is a term that has been used by Remington (maybe others - can’t think of others right now), in the form of letters “RH” stamped on lead-free primers.

Lead Free is a term that has been used extensively within the ammunition lexicon, and the intials “LF” have also appeared stamped into the cups of lead-free primers.

After all that, I haven’t a clue if I am right, or totally out in left field on these guesses. I had never seen or heard of this headstamp before a day or so ago, and have zero documentation for the guesses on meanings of the headstamp entries.

Those guesses are simply offered here as a starting point for trying to find out what they really mean.

John Moss

Lew, this headstamp belongs to a frangible load by RUAG Ammotec USA. Below you can see a picture of the box:

John is right about his remarks.



Thanks Fede!

I just ordered a box.


Fede - thank you. I am amazed that for once, my wild guesses proved to be correct. I see that Geco likely used the “Reduced Hazard” marking in relation to the Frangible bullet, rather than the “lead free” like Remington used it on primer cups. Hence, it is not redundant to the “L.F.” marking. So, I didn’t bat 100% on this.


I just received my box, identical to that pictured above, and it is different from the headstamp shown at the tip of this topic. It lacks the “LF”!


Does anyone have an example of this headstamp with the LF included?

The box says Made in USA


Lew, what is the lot number of your box?

Could you show us the box?

The lot number is TMP19H1007



Lew, I think they changed to this headstamp in late 2018 or 2019. In order to find the “LF” variant you need to find a box with a lot number starting with “TMP18” or earlier. I’ll try to help you.



Thank you very much, Lew.

I have the exact same box that Lew shows, except that my lot number is: TMP18F1027 and the headstamp is just a generic 9mm version.

Geco Super Matrix 2018 9mm hs

Matt, thanks for sharing, I didn’t know about the generic headstamp. I saw the “RHTA L.F.” in boxes with a TMP18D (April 2018) lot number.



Here is a photo of the GECORHTA L.F. hst!

Does anyone have rounds with this headstamp.

Matt, does your box say Made in USA???



Lew - no photo on GECORAJTF LF headstamp on my computer, anyway. Also, do you know that the initials mean? I cannot guess on these, although I suppose that the “TF” means “Training Frangible” and the “LF” still stands for “Lead Free.”

The prolific announcement of new headstamps, especially in this caliber, is making it very difficult to collect them.


John, I have tried again posting the image!

Does anyone else have the same problem viewing the headstamp image?


Lew, if you mean your posting above the one of John; I can see the image you have posted there.
Maybe you want to correct your “GECORJTA L.F.” ?

Yes, mine does say “Made in USA” under the barcode. It appears to be exactly the same as the one you showed.