Geco (RUAG) 9mmP With very small flashholes ( Boxer)

Over the past year or so, my business has been re-cycling
Fired 9mmP brass from French Polynesia FFL( New Caledonia).
95% of the 9mmBrass is Geco.
( commercial h/s)…with a flash-hole (Boxer Primer) which is smaller than the normal decapping pin used for most 9mm cases ( US, other European, CBC, etc).

What is the rationale here?
I know that Singapore and Malaysia use smaller than normal
Flash holes in 5.56 and 7.62N cases…is it a nefarious ammunition control conspiracy by
?the EU, or the UN?, to make Boxer cases unreloadable in the normal sense?
Obviously the Pongos haven’ t heard of the Khyber Pass, or DIY home workshops with enough machine tools to make smaller diameter decappping pins to suit the new Geco 9mm!!!
I already have re-manufactured Dillon 1050 decap pins with correct diameter for Singaporean 5.56 of recent manuf. ( normal .223 (Dillon ) pins broken by the occasional Rogue
Berdan 5.56 case!).
Now that I have over 500 kgs ( at 240 cases per Kg) of Geco 9mmP
Cases to recycle and sell, will we
Uniform the Flashholes to “normal”
Diameter or make new decap pins to suit the Buyers’ presses?

Is there a pyrotechnic reason for smaller flashholes on a Boxer case???
Or as I posited earlier, a Gov’t maneuvre to prevent criminal, terrorist, and private civilian reloading of cartridges?
( Singapore and Malaysia have Death sentences for ammunition related offences…)

Doc AV

Any hints that a “green” primer mix was used? These are still prone to needing some interior-ballistic trickery like your smaller flash hole diameter. I suspect average temperatures on New Caledonia to be quite warm, which could contribute to unwanted pressures, for example.

If I were your customer, I would hope you drill the flash holes to normal diameter before selling. In the long run this seems the least problematic solution, because the reloaders will use normal styphnate primers anyway.

Thanks, JP.
We have noted that Geco 9mm used by our own Customs/Border Protection Force is also of the small Flash-hole type.
No packets available to ascertain
Primer type…non-lead ( blei-frei) or
Normal Syntox.
Doc AV

Doc AV,
sorry for being the nitpicker I am, but SINTOX is the brand name for the “green” primer mix, while the normal styphnate primers are of the SINOXID type.

My mistake, JP.
Thanks for the correction.