GECO tell shotshell need help

Hi everyone,
Who can give me any information on this one?
Loaded in South America, according to the topwad. But never seen this type of Tell before

Can’t answer your question Rene, sorry.

But I in my limited means, associate TELL only to Swiss shells, as I’ve not seen it on others.

So that brings up the question of what does TELL mean as a brand name or type name? You seem to relate to the name as a “type”

Thanks, Pete

Hi Pete
I know the Tell cases that are Suisse very well, but geco also had a brand with that name.
Only it looks completely different to this one and have the ‘I think’ much older headstamp of gustav genschow & co aktiengedellschaft durlach
So that was the reason I talked about type.
Now I know it isn’t the best moment to post questions in the middle of the night, you write things you don’t want to.

I try to post a picture of the ‘older’ version later today.

Regards René

Thanks René
I wasn’t aware of Geco’s or anyone else’s of TELL as a brand name.
What does TELL mean? is it someone’s name? a great hunter? a great shell? Strong?

Wilhelm Tell, the Swiss, is the prototype of a man who hits his intended target. In the play by Friedrich Schiller, even tyrant Gessler, when hit, immediately shouts: “Das ist Tells Geschoss” (This is Tell’s shot).

(Schiller didn’t know the difference between a bow and a crossbow, so do not take terminology too serious.)

Dang, you nailed it, just couldn’t make the connection THANKS !

As promised.

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Nice cartridges Rene :)…

Thanks for posting those pictures.