Genco 44 magnum - very interesting box

Here’s a box of Genco’s “Expenders” in 44mag. They came 6 to a “box” and I assume these are the early precursor to their “coreshot” line? Probably mid 1980’s? The box itself is a recycled audio-cassette holder! Headstamp is commercial Winchester

.44 Magnum +P??? Is there such a thing?

Must have gotten a great deal on blank cassette tape boxes and inserts…

Thats even better than the cartridge box made out of the recycled food box… What was it, mexican burritos or something?


Yeah the +P thing is weird. But I believe the printing on the label is generic and originally intended for .38 special since on the front of the box it says “120 grain” in print, but on the back of the box it says 180 grain in handwriting. 38 special was probably the primary cartridge produced and used in these boxes since back in the early and mid eighties it was all about the .38 special caliber.

I figured it was something like that. Is the “44” on the front a sticker? Looks like they used it to cover what would have been a “38” on the generic label maybe.


Good question… I have 2 boxes, and to find out, I just steamed the “44” sticker off of the lower quality partial box that I have expecting to find an original printed “38spl”, but there was nothing. So each of the boxes must have had a sticker applied for the applicable caliber. I would still assume that the 38 special caliber would have been the most popular sticker applied based on the printed grain weight and the size of the package.