General .50-70 information

I need a little general information on the .50-70 cartridge in US service. First, what were the dates of manufacture (start to end)? I know Frankford made some, but was any contracted? Was it made in both inside primed and Boxer, or only inside primed? And last, were any headstamped, and if so, what headstamp styles were used? I’m not interested in any experimental versions, just whatever type was normally issued to the troops of the time. Any information is appreciated as I’m writing something involving the .50-70 and don’t want to make any technical mistakes.

HWS I has a short chapter on the later Cal .50 cartridges and there is quite a bit of information in the past issues of the JOURNAL.

A general answer to all of your questions is, yes. They were made in both copper and brass, inside and outside primed, headstamped and nhs, Govt produced and contracted. I’ve read that the Cal .50 had more variations than any other Govt cartridge when compared with its very limited life span in Govt use (1866 - 1892). I believe that to be true.