General accolades to all running this website

I have never designed or ran a website, but I go to see my parents on a weekly basis and fix my father’s 3 aged computers. I am on a low rung of computer knowledge, but I understand how much time is taken to make even smallest changes in software. The main problem is to understand first what the person wants to change, then implement that “want”. If my case I have to do this in 2 languages without really knowing Russian computer terms.
So again, THANK YOU, some of the IAA people I know, others I’ve never met, to toiling at this project behind the scenes.


I second sksvlad’s sentiment.
I have created and run many websites and ran web servers for the State of Washington for a number of years.
It’s a tough job that gets little recognition.
All of you involved have done a great job and created the best forum on the Internet, bar none.
Thanks for all your hard work.

All the best,