General ammo storage advice


These are hard-plastic semi-transparent top boxes which get tossed as garbage at work, but I take them home and use them to sort ammo. I work in biopharmaceutical industry, but boxes like these are also common to hospitals and blood processing plants. If you are not sure what comes in a box, soaking in warm water- bleach mixture will remove anything. Mine are intensely screened for pathology. Many, like purple pipette tip boxes below, contain just new plastic parts. So get friendly with your local nurse, lab tech, biopharm tech, blood banking tech etc.


Do not use plastic storage containers of any kind for caseless rounds.

For the purpose of this caution, “caseless” means those in which the powder is mixed with a binder and formed into some shape.

Over time some interaction - binding agent, breakdown in the plastic, something - will produce a gas / chemical reaction which corrodes the bullet jackets and attacks the binding agent. I lost some very nice 7.62 caseless specimens which were originally in Pete Bigler’s collection due to this and have seen dozens of more common specimens kept in plastic which are butt ugly with corrosion / degradation.

Good air flow may prevent this?

Storage in glass does not seem to affect the specimens.

Open storage in / on acid-free paper products does not seem to affect the specimens.

The plastic vials I used were FDA-approved food grade used for samples in a food processing plant and had not been used previously.

I’ve not seen this with standard rounds of any kind - although I wonder how the tubes so many collectors favor could affect specimens in the long term, especially sectioned specimens with exposed powder which has been embedded in some sort of glue / epoxy / whatever matrix.

Bottom line, though, keep the caseless rounds out of plastic!



Very good idea. Thanks


What are the dimensions of those boxes? I have a line on a lab who tosses them out and I would like to try and get the best size.


The purple box: length - 4.5 inches, width - 3.5, height - 4 inches.
The wider and flatter white box: 5 inches by 5 inches square, height - 2 inches.