General Arms & Ammunition (Co.), Grafton, Ohio 44044


Does anyone have any information on this company? It apparently was related to the General Bullet Co. of the same city and ZIP Code. All I can find for the name “General Arms & Ammunition” is a site that provides a list of FFL dealers that will receive guns for customers who buy them in other states. They also seem to sell used guns as well. I can find no ammunition connection for them, or anything about the Solid Copper bullets they evidently made when they first went in business as the General Bullet Co. (I am assuming the two companies are the same, or if not the same ownership, then if the General Arms & Ammunition Co. replaced, or operated simultaneously at the same location, as the General Bullet Co.

I have a box of C.O.P. Brand, formerly used by RAREAMMO, a firm that still exists but does not seem to offer the C.O.P. ammo anymore, 9 x 18 mm ammunition in my collection. It has the solid copper HP bullet, and is loaded in Starline cases. This load was originally planned and cataloged by RAREAMMO but they do not seem to have ever achieved production of it, or at least none has surfaced. My box does not mention RAREAMMO although a similar logo is used, and mentions on the back only General Arms and Ammunition, Grafton, Oh.

So, the short of it, I am interested in dates of existence of the following companies, and any relation that existed between each other:

Rare Ammo ??? - 2015 (Currently in business)
Gerneral Arms and Ammunition, Grafton, Ohio - ??? - ???
General Bullet, Grafton, Ohio ???-???

any help will be appreciated. I have read the previous thread (Apr 29, 3013) by DK Configuration on General Bullet of Grafton, Ohio. It did not seem to receive any answer at all. I hope someone can do better now. Admittedly, my research so far has failed me.


I recently noticed for the first time that some of the C.O.P. boxes have the Rareammo brand marking, and some do not. The ones without have “General arms & ammo” in small print on the back as the only source of their manufacture. I had always known that the SCHP bullets in this loading came from General Bullet, but it wasn’t until I noticed this box difference that I realized the Rareammo “brand” line was just a private label done all along by General Bullet, who loaded this ammo for that website. Apparently the partnership or contract ended, and General Bullet carried on the C.O.P. line with several calibers (it was all during the same 12 month period roughly). I have around 12 different boxes with their marking on it, and just as many with the Rareammo branding. I have around 25 different boxes of C.O.P…

General Bullet doesn’t list any loaded ammo on their website anymore, just their mainline of SCHP pistol bullets. I know that PNW Arms, and Crossfire Ammo also uses their projectiles.


John, in 2010 a Federal Firearms License Type 7 was granted to company named General Plug & Manufacturing Co. at 132 Artino Street, Oberlin, Ohio 44074.

On August 12, 2010, this company filled an application for the registration of two different trade names: “General Arms & Ammunition” and “General Bullet”. The physical address was 455 North Main Street, Grafton, Ohio 44044.

Finally, in 2012, a real company was registered at this last address under the name of General Firearms, Inc. The two trade companies operating at this same address are still owned by General Plug & Manufacturing Co., however.

On the other hand, a company named J.E.K., Inc. was established in 2006 at P.O. Box 334 Berwick, LA 70342.

In 2010, the mailing address of J.E.K., inc. remained the same but the physical address was registered at 1609 Hwy 90, Morgan City, LA 70380. This change concurred with the establishment of Rare Ammo, LLC at the same address. Also, the J.E.K. initials were removed from the Rare Ammo logo showing the cloverleaf.

In 2014, the address of Rare Ammo, LLC was changed to 1609 Hwy 90, Bayou Vista, LA 70380, but this is actually the same as Bayou Vista is part of the Morgan City Area.

As far as I can tell, the C.O.P. Copper Only Ammunition line was introduced in 2011 and dropped in 2012. Also, even if the boxes are marked “RAREAMMO”, the product code was assigned to “General Bullet” using the address of General Plug And Manufacturing Co. at 132 Artino Street, Oberlin, OH 44074.

In short, if I understand this right, the bullet was made by “General Bullet”, the ammunition was loaded by “General Arms & Ammunition”, and during a brief period the trading of the product was made by Rare Ammo, LLC.




DK - Thank you. If you have pictures of C.O.P. Boxes, I would be interested in seeing the ones relating to auto pistol cartridges. Thanks for the information given on this thread.

Fede - your information pretty much coincides with what I had roughly figured out, but yours is much more precise and complete, which, to be honest, does not surprise me at all. Thank you. I now have even more rewriting to do on my manuscript than I did when I got the C.O.P. Makarov box. It is the only C.O.P. box I have, although I had a little older information when I first found out a few years ago about the RAREAMMO co. I had phoned them and interviewed them, but really didn’t get much information out of it.

Both you guys have been a big help to me. Thank you.


Here is a link dating back to when I first noticed these on MidwayUSA, and dates them to at least the fall of 2011, but they had probably been around since late summer of that year:

I will post some more photos when I get a chance. I am doing a book on pistol caliber solid-copper-hollow-point ammo right now to coincide with my table display at SLICS on SCHP bullets, so I’ll have quite a spread on C.O.P. boxes there.

As Fede mentioned, J.E.K. was involved, as the parent company to as far as I can tell, and they had General Bullet manufacturing their ammo with a private label that only lasted a year. Right now on MidwayUSA they still list several calibers in stock, and I can see in some photos the Rareammo shamrock logo on the box, and others without the shamrock, which are General Bullet’s version. They also still have some bags of projectiles for loading, which are the same thing as the General Bullet brand projectile packages, but with a shamrock / green logo & print on the bag.


DK - If just for me, no need to post the pictures. I will simply buy your book when it is ready.