General Ballistics pistol ammo

I thought I had posted about this before, but now can’t find it. I seem to remember a couple years ago writing about this company out of California called “General Ballistics”. The owner is named Vance Massih, and the story would have been about a ground-breaking ceremony in New Caney, Texas which this new startup was involved with.

The story from April, 2016, reported that the East Montgomery County Improvement District (a municipal government business development group which promoted tax breaks & incentives for business development in the county) had given approval for whatever incentives were offered to General Ballistics, and a ground-breaking ceremony was held. The story mentions a 10,000 sq ft production facility and attached qualification range. Vague deals for local law enforcement ammo purchases and use of the range were mentioned as one of the perks which the county looked forward to.

In the photo you can see Mr Massih at 4th from left:

But then in May 2017, the minutes from a county improvement district meeting mention that General Ballistics had pulled out of its contract, and they would not be building in the industrial park where the ground-breaking had occurred. What caught my attention today was a box for sale with their name on it as they apparently did produce some ammo, somehow / some way with boxes of 9mm showing up on Gunbroker, and one retailer - Texas Shooter’s Supply having some in stock. Not sure about the headstamp yet, but the packaging looks unique. Apparently it is “beyond match grade”… Maybe they were just in business for late 2017 through early 2018? This sort of company strikes me as one of the many little startups with big plans that fizzles out quickly, sort of like EMG ammo (Ecology Mir Group).

Why they elected to use a relatively expensive window-box for packaging just to show two FMJ ball rds, I am not sure. It appears that they only ever produced 9mm and .40S&W based on the limited returns from the Internet Archive of their website. The website only existed from late 2016 through mid 2018, and only listed products on the website in 2018 it seems. This company is not the same as “General Ballistics Inc.” which existed in Pennsylvania in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.


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