General Bullet of Grafton, Ohio - out of business?

I’m not sure how many people follow the trends of availability or web activity on ammo like Rareammo “C.O.P.” SCHP, or the supply of projectiles from General Bullet, but they (general Bullet) seem to be out of business. At first I had thought that the lack of inventory from’s C.O.P. products was due to the industry-wide shortage, but their website shows nothing available in that line, not even backordered listings, and General Bullet (Rareammo’s supplier) does not answer phone calls, emails, or contacts of any kind. I had an order for 1 bag of 50 .38spl 110gr SCHP bullets from General Bullet back in January and they have not arrived, and General Bullet can not be reached, even via Facebook where I posted a question on their timeline saying “Are you guys still in business”, which is still publicly visible (seems odd).

Aside from Rareammo, I believe PNW Arms was using General Bullet’s projectiles on their “TacOPS” load, as is Crossfire Ammo in their black-oxide coated “Strategic Defense” and “Black Max” SCHP loads. It’s too bad because General Bullet’s projectiles were so cheap it made for really affordable SCHP pistol loads as compared to the other SCHP stuff with Barnes bullets, or Magtech Bullets.