General bunter question

Can someone post a visual (photo or drawing) of a bunter which produces a RAISED headstamp (the opposite of an impressed headstamp)? I notice that arsenals go back and forth between raised and impressed and I’d like to know why, if it is a cost or some technical reason. I understand how the impressed image is made but do not understand how the raised is produced. Maybe a visual will help me. Or maybe I asked this before and forgot the answer?

Vlad the raised ones (relief) are even easier to make as the bunter will simply be engraved while with “normal” headstamps the bunter has the have the portions forming the headstamp have to be raised what is way more work.

Today where bunters are eroded (electrically) this is no issue anymore.

Alex, thanks, here is my old post with the only bunter I own, and I understand this one NATO WRA 67 bunter. If the raised ones are cheaper to make why in my scan of 7.62x54R’s above they go from one type to another and back?

Because the “impressed” ones here are not made by a bunter but simply done with stencils when the case was completely done.

Alex, do you mean that “T 15” and “T 17” above were done manually, by hand?

Vlad, no, there is stencilling machinery which is doing that.