General Carcano question


It appears to me that the most common Carcano around in the USA is S.M.I. 939 headstamped hunting re-loads imported here (I believe) in 50’s and 60’s. Why is that? Was that the size of Societa Metallurgica Italiana or their location? Were not they supposed to use up all 1939 ammo in Stalingrad, North Africa and Greece? What accounts for this supply predominance of one particular year of production of one particular arsenal?


Probably just due to what Sam Cummings of Interarms happened to find available. He bought and imported anything and everything he found throughout Europe in the 1950s and 60s. He brought so much in that many of the guns and some of the ammo is still in circulation.


Vlad–You have to understand that when Interarms imported some type of ammo, it was not just a case or two, but, literally, it was a whole boatload at a time. When I was in high school 1n the arly 1960’s, I had a 8mm Mauser and a .303 British. I could buy ammo for either of them for 1 cent per round imported by Interarms and sold in all the gun shops. They got it in crates, loose packed, 1000 rounds per crate. If they were SELLING it for $10.00/1000 rounds, how much were they paying for it?