General Dynamics 25mm (& addictional Mk 919)

The set of 5 distracted me to inadvertently label the 30mm Alpha projo “25”

When I admitted that. Some asked to see the 25 display. Here it is

The additional Mk 919’s are from my collection.

The wood stands are the same whereas I added the dart and saboted dart to the one stand.

Of course the variations of case cuts need to be collected

The pride and joy is the “punched steel” piece (kinda rounds out the picture)

So there u have it



I notice the display mismatched the HEI-T and the TP-T in terms of the label. Do they unscrew to move around?

Yup. Will unscrew them

Very nice,

Thanks for sharing.

Pepper, thanks, great items you dug up there.

Nice display. The similar ones which manufacturers use at exhibitions like DSEi and Eurosatory these days usually have plastic replicas of the rounds - easier to transport without all of the hassle of proving that they’ve been inerted.