General Dynamics Displays New Types of Ammunition Loadings for the .338 Norma Mag MG Cartridge

From the Defence-blog, May 24, 2019

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems recently displayed the new cartridges including Frangible Short-Range Training Ammunition (SRTA) rounds, Target Practice (TP), Reduced Range Ammunition (RRA), Armor-Piercing (AP) and Frangible cartridges.

It was announced in May of 2018 that the US Military had adopted the .338 Norma Mag MG.

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The photo shown above is a cropped version of the photo from the article, if you look at the uncropped photo you can see belts of .338 ammo behind the new cartridge display stand. Note the cartridges in one belt have a half plastic case, upper half is plastic and lower half (cartridge case base) is brass.

Below is a portion of the photo with arrows pointing to cartridges with hybrid cases.


Here is a 2016 Forum thread concerning GD working with MAC LLC on developing a partial polymer cartridge case.

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How long until @Pepper has the display?

GD probably had to barrow the display and the belts of dummy rounds from Pepper :-))

NDIA Armaments had a panel on lightweight. I think stainless steel is back and taking the lead. GD-OTS canada briefed on their modified design, now with Alum head on outside. Runs through standard ammo equipment. There was also a CTC (concurrent Tech Corp) presentation that sounds really close to GD’s. If anyone has some ideas, it sounds ripe for a USG development contract. I could get tubes commercially and head, trim and taper in short order.

I think the USG is really happy with the run through standard machines idea. This solves the other big issue of what to do with Lake City, 2nd Source (was GD now Win), and the long list of others that supply ammo to USG (all agencies) with brass case on traditional equipment.


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i’m surprised that the hybrid cases are headstamped “norma” (the manufacturer not the caliber)