General question about exploding rifle projectiles


I read WWII accounts of German soldiers hit with Russian exploding rifle bullets. I understand that personal damage is horrific and much more than of a regular ball projectile. The same time exploding bullet is more expensive to make and must be much more time consuming to put together. Did it make sense to spend all the time and money during WWII shortages to produce these little “bombs” vs just making many more regular rounds?


For shooting enemy soldiers, it probably didn’t make much sense. But, I don’t know if anti-personnel use was the intended purpose for rifle-caliber, explosive bullets. Perhaps they were designed for anti-materiel effects, and some riflemen decided to employ them against “soft” targets?


Most rifle calibre explosive bullets were meant for spotting purposes.


Or for aircraft use (e.g. Japan).


Incidentally, has anyone heard anything about explosive 7.62mm bullets being around today?


There was someone on Auctionarms selling “explosive” 30-06 and 5.56 rounds with white tips.
Probably designed for shooting the elusive wild African Rocking horse, or maybe loaded with a unique
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Vlad, you can expect the bulk of spotter bullets on both sides of the Soviet/German front being fired against soft targets were single well aimed partisan or army sharpshooter shots.

Any other soldier had no regular access to such and German Scharfschützen only after Hitler approved the use after receiving reports from the Eastern front late 1944 (from my memory).