General question

I recently found a live .303 round from 1960 at an old gun range. The bullet can detach and easily falls out of the shell as well as the shell has a slight split down the side. I believe all the powder is no longer functional and ruined however the primer is still active.
Is this Bullet safe to keep or would it be reccomended to dispose of?

Cheers hamish

The cordite will probably still burn, but the Primer is definitely dead.

Disposal? Find a deep waterhole and sink it.
Or dig out cordite and burn it loose on a patch of cleared ground.
Doc AV

Hamish if you can get the powder/cordite out you can put a small amount of oil on the case and leave it for a week this will soak into the primer and render it pretty much useless. It will be safe to keep, it does not 100% destry the primer compound but it is the best without to much work. Can you make out the headstamp it does look like a standard mk7 so bullet should safe too

all the best

Thank you very much, and yeah the headstamp is “MF 60 7” which I gathered was from Melbourne Footscray made in 1960 and the MK7 version?