General Tokarev question


It appears that at least Hungary, Poland and Romania had 7.62x25 Tokarev manufactured at arsenals with a code “21”. Was there something magical about number “21”? Wouldn’t it produce unnecessary confusion in Warsaw Pact circles? Why not “20”?


Vlad, every country was assigning the factory-# as they felt like, as far as can be observed there was no coordination amongst the WAPA/communist countries (unlike in NATO - nevertheless some double codes still do exist there as well).

  • @ sksvlad: The 7.62X25 Tokarev ammo was manufactured in Romania by the plant “21” (Cugir Arsenal), also with the headstamp marking “RPR” (“Republica Populara Romana” in Romanian language, it means “Popular Republic of Romania” until the summer of 1965). The “U.M. Sadu” plant with the code “22” made the same type of ammo in Romania even in early 1980s. Liviu 04/11/11