'Generic' Eley Boxes


Hi Everybody!
Does anyone know the story behind 2 piece, 25 round shotshell boxes from Eley that are plain? By plain, I mean no label, with just the lot number and shot size stamped on it. The shells are paper with roll crimps. Thank you!


A headstamp, topwad & case wall printing of the shells would help, also did the box have a color or was it just white?. If plain how do you know they are / were by packaged Eley? the shells? Was the box sealed?

Mostly I’ve seen paper shells with the pie mouth crimp, in plain white boxes with the Eley-Kynoch style headstamp & those were made to be labeled by the buyer who then labeled & re-sold them. The 1991 United Kingdom Cartridge Club, 1st Anniversary, red paper shell came in a plain red box. John Wilkes ca. 1968 had some made, in their Doughty brand, which came in a plain white box which then had a label wrapped around it. Probably others? The above examples were 1-piece boxes.


These are .410s with the headstamp “ELEY-KYNOCH .410”. The hulls are orangish paper with “CARTRIDGE CASE BY ELEY-KYNOCH” on them. The white topwad has “SPECIAL SMOKELESS” arranged in a circle with a “0” in the center. The box is white. The lot number is “4 R 5R” and is stamped on the box lid. The opposite side of the lid has a bold “0” stamped on it. The box does not appear to have been sealed. I have also seen a 28 gauge box similar to the one I just described.


Gunner, I have never run across 2 piece Eley boxes but I’m not keenly into Eley items. However, based on the headstamp and the shell you describe, I’d date these after 1928. With the box description, I am at a loss but I suspect these were made in the 1930’s or about. It’s mostly speculation on my part (perhaps even an educated guess) but these may be WWII production or repack.

I’m curious, what length are these shells? Its interesting that they are apparently 0 buck too.


Peter is almost certainly correct. The boxes would have been sent out plain to be rebranded in the name of the dealer selling them. Either the dealer’s label never was put on or it has come off again.


One other possibility is that they are “War Utility” loads to save wastage of time and materials. Certainly 12-bore loads were made during WW2, the paper cases are a plain cream colour and the box was also plain.



Thanks, everybody! I appreciate the info.


gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewIt … =166841399
Here is the box in question. I finally figured out this ‘cut and paste’ thing! Cheers!