Geocities website blocked?

I tried to put a picture from my site in a post on another forum, and it appears that access to my geocities site has been “blocked” by yahoo, meaning that anything you try to look at comes up as a blank page. Please could some of you try viewing it, reply to the thread with any comments.

I just tried and was able to access the site, with the exception of the “.303 Headstamps other than Mark 7”, which came up as “page not found”. Nice photos!

agreed…well done


I just tried it and it came up “Service Temorarly Not Available”

I could only access the Mk7 page, all the others had various error messages attached.


The Mk 7 photo’s appear up to the end of the run of Kynock, after that they are just the “photo not working” boxes

other than Mk 7 says “service temporarily unavailable” as does the “soviet”

good pics of the Mk 7’s though!

did you enhance the headstamps?

just tried & got a "503 Service Temporarily Unavailable. window.
Ain’t computers fun

I still get two out of the three menu options “loud and clear” (the other brings up some Yahoo “stuff”)


Kudos for having the guts to show the dented side of the 30x155B casing in your collection. Many collectors would have rotated that out of view for a photo, but by revealing it you demonstrate that you are into collecting for more than just shiny good-looks. The whole site worked for me except the first 303 link.

I am still unable to access the site from my computer here. I don’t know what is going on.

@ DK: There was no “hidden meaning” intended in that photo, that case is quite dented anyway, it looks to have impacted the ground. The cases must be ejected overboard from the NR-30 cannon on the MiG 21.

Falcon.I am able to enter the site except for the 303 page

RG 61 7Z

with the unmistakable mark of a BREN firing pin

shame they banned them

I am also unable to access the Russian Ammunition Pages (owned by forum member “russianammo”), so it must be a problem with the whole geocities service.

My site is now working again, and so is the Russian Ammo site, it must have been a temporary error with the service.

I have also fixed the broken link to .303 Ball headstamps other than Mark 7.