George E. Bartlett with Peters Cartridge Co

I am researching this man with the hopes of finding enough data to publish something, and I’m close. Capt. Bartlett was an exhibition shooter representing Peters from 1901-1910. Prior to this he was engaged by Marlin 1898-1901. If anyone has any Peters ( or Marlin) flyers or broadsides from this era that might contain a picture of this man or any data pertaining to him, I would appreciate knowing about it. Peters, once a year in January, assembled their demonstrators in Cincinatti for a few days and took a group picture. Has anyone ever seen one of these from the specified years?

You probably are aware of this, but just in case, there is quite a bit (10 pages) on George E. Bartlett in the following book:

Voices of the American West, Volume 2: The Settler and Soldier Interview of Eli S. Ricker, 1903 - 1919.

Pages 27 to 37

By Eli S. Ricker.

Published by University of Nebraska Press, 2005

ISBN 080323937X, 9780803239678

This is definitely the correct “George Bartlett,” as there are references to his shooting abilities and his work with Peters Ctg. Co.

By entering simply George E. Bartlett, this was the first hit that could have had anything to do with what you wanted - some were modern facebook entries for people of the same name. The pages on him were displayed but I could not print them out. I guess that is purposeful on the web site. They covered things well before 1903 - I think those title dates are just the dates when the interviews themselves were done.

Again, you probably have this already, but just trying to help.

I’m way ahead of you, but your effort is acknowldged and appreciated. I’ve got the book on reserve at the library as of yesterday.

Might want to check with the Marlin Firearms Collectors Association

Also, the research library at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.

One Marlin collector, in particular, has been very helpful. I’ve checked with the Cody Museum but had trouble navigating the site. But thanks for the tips.

The part about him being an “exhibition shooter” is probably what will get them to take an interest. The library folks are separate from the regular museum folks, but have a reputation for being very helpful and interested in serous research requests. It is wellworth a visit if you have never been to Cody, so use this as an excuse to go in person-- but with prior arrangements for access to library materials.