George Roth HS variation help


Sorry no pic at the moment but I am seeklinga ssistance ona variation of the George Roth Headstamp. On an 8x50 cartridge. Headstamp has the [color=#000080]GR[/color] logo at 12 o’clock. A [color=#000080]W [/color]at 9 o’clock, a [color=#000080]P [/color]at 3 o’clock and the date of [color=#000080]1932 [/color]at 6 o’clock. Does anyone know what the W P mean or stand for?


I have something similar in 7.65ACP. I believe it was a contract for the Vienna Police.


The “W P” stands for “Wien Politzei” (it may actually be a different form of “Wien” - my German grammar is non-existent) or "Vienna Police, just as Jon says. The dating fits right in with those in 7.65 mm Browning caliber - the late 1920s and early 1930s for this Police headstamp. First I have heard of one n 8 x 50 mm but then, I have never collected that cartridge and have had few specimens go thru my hands, so it could be common, scarce, or rare and I would not know the difference.

John Moss


Thanks very much, this confirms my suspicion. I thought it was Police issue but not 100% sure. Again thanks Gentlemen.