Georgia war

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Politics aside, I wonder what kind of ammunition destroyed those tanks? Maybe a missile or a tank fired APFSDS or HEAT round? What kind of tanks are those? They seem to have a modular reactive armor which did not seem to work on whatever kind of bullet, missile or rocket that hit them.


Those were some version of the T-72/T-80 series. I’m not really up on the latest Soviet armor to tell you which specific model they were. I’d guess that they were destroyed by APFSDS projectiles. Reactive armor will not work against a kinetic penetrator, only HEAT/shaped charge warheads. Note how many of the tanks were catastrophic kills. The seperate-loaded case and projectile used by the auto loader puts the entire combat load of ammunition right under the turret. Unlike Western tanks, the Soviet designs were not intended to be survivable… One technique we were taught was to use the Mk-19 automatic grenade launcher against reactive armor protected tanks. The idea was to set off the reactive armor with the 40mm HEDP rounds, making the tank vulnerable to follow-on shots by a TOW or LAW or AT-4 Antitank rocket. I wonder if it would really work or not…Later TOW missiles had a two-stage warhead. One to set off the reactive armor and the other to penetrate. Perhaps the Russians have a similar ATGM warhead now?


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Wow, what a bunch of junky looking 1970’s era military equipment. I mean the gulf war was 17 years ago for god’s sake and the hardware which was fielded by the west still looks light-years ahead of the Ork battlewagons those Russians are fielding today in 2008.

What caliber or size ammunition does the main gun of those tanks use, 115MM?

The older T-62 tank uses a 115mm round. I was surprised to see these OLD tanks being used there. Of course I have no idea which side was using them!
The T-72 etc… uses a 125mm smoothbore if I recall correctly. I was also surprised to see so many 7.62 caliber AKMs right alongside the newer 5.45 pattern as well as a mix of older and newer versions of the AK-74. The Russians do not appear to be keeping up with the rest of the world in the area of new or advanced vehicles, at least not in the units we are seeing images of in the media. The huge variety of arms, clothing and etc… makes these guys look like a band of mercenaries, not a professional army.
Can anyone who has seen these pics identify the small rocket launcher the soldier is holding? Is it an RPG-18? why the English language operating instructions on it?


AKMS, many countries still have T-55s and T-62s in particular when they are upgraded. Still good enough when not messing with a modern army.
Russia for example used a lot of “old” equipment already in the Chechen wars. That gave the opportunity to use up plenty of old equipment which still is in stock and also the ammo for it. Pretty much an economic decision.

I have also seen US M4s being captured by the Russians - they were trying them out in the forests.

The rocket launcher is the RPG-22 which is also made by Bulgaria and since it is marked in English I believe it to be Bulgarian. The regarding marking should be on the other side of that brown plastic part which is sled forward when made ready to fire.
Here a Bulagarian dealer: … /index.htm

It is offtopic, but i love the MARPAT camo on those soldiers :)

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