Geremy Chubbucks Vol 2 on Amazon Book sales to Australia

I have attempted to purchase Geremy Chubbucks fine book 7.9x57 Mauser Ammunition for The Collector Volume 2: Countries of the World on Amazon.
After selecting the book priced at $39.95 US and heading to the checkout, Amazon tells me I’m forbidden to purchase the book from the USA because I reside in Australia.
I must instead go to the Amazon Australia website which I do. After the same procedure on Amazon Australia I am told the book is not for sale within Amazon Australia.
I can however buy Vol 1 of the book (which I already have) from Amazon Australia.
Vol 1 retails for $34.95 US on Amazon America, yet here on Amazon Australia it retails for $95 US ($132 AU)

I don’t mind paying the $40 or $50 US the book should cost but going on what Amazon Australia is charging for Vol 1 at $95 US I think Vol 2 will be similarly priced if and when it becomes available here in Australia.

Any suggestions on where to buy Vol 2 for a reasonable price ? Amazon seems to be bloody useless.

From Germany it worked like this.
Beeing a Prime member (don‘t know if this makes a difference)
Apply for a amazon membership on the US homepage.
Order with my home adress.
I received the2 books some 2 weeks later.

Yes Thankyou for the suggestion. I was originally registered with Amazon USA but due to Amazon Australia launch 6 months back Geographical boundaries now exist to protect Australian Amazon from Amazon USA which sells at a much cheaper price.

I often find that many many items from Amazon are listed on Ebay as well. I see at the moment there is one listed from West Ryde, NSW for $95AU ($68 U.S.) which is more than the Amazon price, but maybe shipping will be less expensive?

OK Thanks, I had a look at the Ebay seller and his feedback is not so good. Apparently he is a reseller, so just buys from another seller and adds his bit on the price and puts your address as the delivery address. He has over 600 negative feedbacks due to not having items in stock. But it was worth a try.

I was hoping Geremy Chubbuck might see this post and suggest a solution.

Amazon has many secondary sellers, like e-bay.
Try google ? you may get lucky.

Why do you not ask our member @hkusp40. Send him a PM.
He is the autor of the book.
I think he can help you


Thankyou Dutch, I will do this now !

Amazon charges a lot for selling books. Far better to buy from the author :)

I still do Amazon, but not only is their charges high, but shipping in the USA I am given $3.99 - yet it costs me anywhere from $4.25 to $4.99 to ship …

Yes Thanks Weimar,

I have PM’d the author on a suggestion from Dutch.

Hopefully will hear from him shortly.

Folks - forgive me. I’ve been out of town for the last10 days and just received this. I have sent an email reply to Peter. I am not sure why Amazon is not selling volume 2 in Australia. Thanks. -Ger

Folks in Australia,

I inquired with the printing company (Createspace) who prints my books for Amazon. I received this reply from them when I asked why my books are no longer available in Australia. It’s apparently a tax thing. -Ger

Hello Geremy,

Greetings from CreateSpace. I hope this message finds you well. I see that you are concerned about the availability of your books on

I regret to inform you that presently, paperback books are not being sold on For this reason, we’ll not be able to make your book available for
sale in that site. I hope you understand my limitations in this regard.

From July 1, 2018, Amazon wont be able to deliver any retail order copies of your
paperback book purchased on Amazon international sites to Australia. This change is
to ensure we remain compliant with requirements of the Australian GST law for low
value imported goods.

However, your book is made available on,,,,,,, and as all these come
under our standard distribution channel and customers can order your book from any
one of these sites.

We appreciate your patience while we work to expand our distribution options.

I do realize that this may not be the response you had hoped for, and sincerely
apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. I truly wish that I could have
been able to accommodate your request.

The Australian government has from July 2018 applied the 10% Goods and Services tax (GST) to low value items imported into Australia. Largely due to pressure by Australian businesses lobbying our government to stop the unfair untaxed influx of cheap predominantly Chinese goods flooding in to Australia. (mainly Ebay sales)
Rather than address the issue of cheap Chinese goods the Government has identified a wonderful opportunity to apply the 10% tax onto all online sales from foreign countries for goods under $300 (this figure may vary).

As described in my initial post I attempted to purchase Geremys book Vol 2 firstly on Amazon USA where I was advised the book couldn’t be sold to me because I live in Australia, I was redirected to purchase from Amazon.Australia.
If there is an Amazon business in your country you aren’t permitted to buy from a foreign countries Amazon, at least that’s the case here in Oz.
The response to Geremys inquiry from Createspace sounds like a load of garbage to me.
They claim the Australian GST law prevents the sale, yet I can buy Vol 1 from Amazon Australia which is also a paperback ?
I have looked and there are many other paperback books available on Amazon Australia.

I would encourage anyone with an interest in 7.9x57 Mauser to buy the books both Vol 1 & Vol 2. They are a wealth of knowledge with colourful and clear photographs for reference.

I often get around this issue by purchasing stuff and having it sent to friends in the US and either having them post it to me here in Australia, or throwing it in my luggage whilst I am over there on business.

I recently brought back both volumes of these books, as well as all three volumes of History of Modern U.S. Military Small Arms Ammunition.

The thought crossed my mind more than once I will admit, however I only have one contact in the States and I’m not game to ask him as he’d already done so much for me.
Dutch suggested I contact Geremy the author personally through this forum.
That turned out to be the best idea, Geremy organised a copy for me and it’s in transit as I write this.

Excellent - glad to hear that Geremy has sorted it out for you. Make sure he signs them for you!