Guess I should have posted a photo of the Gerlich on the forum and found out what it was before taking it to the PA show. Picked it up a month ago and time got away. Not a military collector. Sounds like it went to a good home. I did keep the Gerlich unfired projectile that came with the cartridge. It has a rubber cap on the rear end. Live and learn.

Rookie, could you show it to us?

Will give it a try shortly

Hope this helps. What I Called a rubber cup in the earlier post is actually a band that appears to be a bakolite type material. Anyway I call it an obturator.

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Rookie, many thanks!
That bakelite part goes over the base of the bullet???

Can you tell the lenght and the exact weight of the bullet with and without that sabot/obturator?

The bakeolite part goes over the base and as you can see is chamfered to fit tightly under the bottom wing. Will try to get some dimensions for you. Probably wont be until Sat. Sabots are discarding parts that wrap around the projectile to add a bore riding surface.

We all sell and trade things away that don’t really interest us or fit our collections, but later discover were worth more than we thought…to someone who really did want it.

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How true, how true!!! But that’s all part of the hobby. Good ones get away and good ones find you.


Probably will sound strange but why do you keep the projectile and part with the cartridge? Don’t they belong together? I understand not wanting them both.
Also, does that “obturator” work like a sabot?

Emory Thompson

Emory Thompson

No. It was my own fault for not doing my home work. I wouldn’t have thought otherwise if it hadn’t been such a big deal on the forum. Lets put it this way

I sold three items at the show from an auction box lot and more than doubled my money and still have the projectile and other stuff. I had a good day regardless.

Emory Thompson

Emory Thompson

I am happy to hear that you enjoyed the show. Our 25th Annual Show will be next year at the same place, same third weekend in August. Details to follow.


I have attended the show for at least 7 years and have always enjoyed it. I do miss some of the old boys who have either passed or can no longer setup due to health reasons. They were a wealth of info and always had good stuff with them

Emory Thompson