German 100mm ww1?


Good day gentleman,

i come back with another ww1 related question, i am able to buy a “german 100mm casing” but i cant tell if it has been cut or a piece has been removed, any help guys?
Its 50cm tall and 100mm in diameter? Is it original or something else?



In BIG BORE AMMUNIITON by Hawkinson there is the German 105 x 505mmR (10.5cm) K/98 cartridge case listed, rim diameter is 129mm. There are no 100 x 500mm cases listed.


PS- There is also listed the German 10cm (10.5cm) K/04/14 cartridge case, 105 x 505mmR, rim diameter is 129mm.


Thank you @bdgreen, It is the one listed above by you, i can upload pictures tommorow.