German 12cm mortar bomb fuze Wgr Z(r) (drawing)

Happy collecting, Peter

Peter, actually this ís a captured Russian GVMZ as it was used by the German military.


Many thanks for that. The only thing I know on the subject of shells and fuzes is how to work the photocopier, its a wonder that the different markings didn’t alert the draughtsman that this wasn’t of German origin.

All the best, Peter

PS. Might that little ‘r’ in brackets in the title indicate ‘Russian’?

The “r” is the country identifier the Germans used for captured equipment. Since it is somewhat unlikely that the British met this shell on the battlefield (but no guarantee to this) it seems that they just found a document on ammunition discribing this one (hence they found the “r”-designation which was never used on captured items themselfes).
As you say the draughtsman, not neccessarily being an ordnance expert or fluent in any language than his own - otherwise he might have served then elsewhere those days rather than in an office.
Actually a similar thing was done by the Germans. All equipment that was captured from the Russians for example got the “r” suffix regardless who made it. Means there was French, Swiss or Swedish ammunition which got a “r”. Even more weird when exported or WWI equipment (how ever it got there) made in Germany was captured it received the foreign country code. Means there were German WWI cartridges with a Greek booty id on.