German 13mm AT Rifle Variations

I found two weathered inerted 13mm AT rifle cases and after cleaning I noted the different neck crimps.
I have not seen these differences noted before on the forums.

The loaded cartridge shows no mouth crimps. Headstamped P 9 18 T67
The fired cases are both headstamped P 11 18 T67. Look like unfired pulled bullet cases.

One has six small crimp marks. The other has 3 deep slit crimps.
Why would the same last month of production use two different bullet crimps ?

Here in the US a large number have been emptied of powder & the bullet nicely replaced by friction fitting. So the only easy ways to tell are shake or ding with a fingernail.

The crimps you show do look like a proper crimp, but for what little it’s worth, I’ve not seen them before. Being fired cartridges they may have been recharged & not properly resized to obtain the proper friction crimp after the bullet was pulled?

My mistake. The two cases have original unfired primers with projectiles removed.
They came from Europe originally.