German 15cm Granate 12 (verst.) projectile ID

Would appreciate any info on this projectile and the weapon it was used in.

Diameter of the projectile body is 150mm (about 5.8 inches) and overall length about 500mm or 19.5 inches. Copper rotating band very close to the base, and has a bead of solder/lead/zinc on it, possibly when once assembled on a monument. Seat for the fuze is deeply concave, not flat, and has four large depressions (for staking fuze in place?).

No markings visible.



Your projectile is a German 15cm Granate 12 (verst.), used in a number of 15cm weapons, such as the s.F.H.13, s.F.H.02, K. L/30, etc. The upper rotating band is zinc and is original, as is the lower one of copper. This projectile dates from 1918 or late 1917. The concave fuze seat is typical of most German fuze seats of this period. This particular projectile used several different fuzes, including the Gr.Z.04, Gr.Z.17 and Dopp.Z.15 (umg.). The depressions are for staking the fuze in place.


Jim- Thanks very much for sharing your encyclopedic knowledge, not just on this one, but on your many other posts for other visitors!