German 1915 37x94R

I assume the large K at 10 o’clock stands for “Krupp”. What the meaning of a little “K” under the crown?

Krupp usually marked “Kp” to what is known.

This here could be “Karlsruhe”.

The projectile is for the 37x102SR AA gun.

I think EOD is correct on the K being Karlsruhe , and the ‘crowned Ke’ seems to be an inspection marking according to the list in my notes:

The Patronenfabrik Karlsruhe used as inspection markings:

1897 to 1898: AWS 10
1898 to 1902: Dr 1
1899 to 1915: crown and Ke
1907 to 1915: crown and Ke with number
1915: HL 21
1916 to 1918: Sp255.

Orpheus, the “Crown + Ke” is actually an acceptance mark, I guess you menat that?

Yes EOD, my mistake, it’s indeed an acceptance marking.

I have a question about this inspector/acceptance mark. What happened if the inspector did not approve? The whole headstamp would not be placed? How did the inspector determine if the shell is good or not?

As anywhere else there are extensive acceptance protocols to be followed. Such inspections included gauge tests, visual inspections, firing tests and analyses of the material.
Rejected cases were scrapped or used for practice loads, blanks or dummies.