German 2,7cm Kampfpistole HE cartridge (drawing)

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and here the real thing:
second Modell of Kampfpistole Z Spreng (Fuze different form)
Markings on base originally kplt red (here a Little bit gone)…

BEWARE of very good FAKES from Asia of the first (see drawing), and second Modell (see ammunition).
The fakes where made by a French collector in bigger style ordered in Asia.
They are easy to recognize (otherwise even at the inside perfectly made, up to the low/High pressure chamber a.s.o.and the printing on base. They missed a major Thing… they are not magnetic on the Body; so check yours. If not magnetic, they are faked.
There is an other minor thing, but I will not make the fakers more knowledgeable



elfield56 & Forensic:
Since that was basically a flare pistol that was used as a anti-tank launcher, do either of you know anything about the rifled barrel insert that was placed into the original flare pistol to make the first “Kampfpistole”, that later became the “Sturmpistole”? Drawings or photographs?

Jack, maybe something got confused.
The “Z” had a rifled barrel as per factory.
The rifled barrel inserts were for a different type of ammunition then.
And on top there was another type of HE rounds (and related) for the regular smooth bore.

Here is mine. I checked it for the ‘magnet test’…it passed.


I refer to this for my question:
"The original Leuchtpistole had a smooth bore that was not very useful for the conceived purposes. An inset-barrel with a caliber of 23mm rifled with 5 grooves rs was developed to be inserted into the otherwise unchanged Leuchtpistole which by this insertion became a Kampfpistole (“combat pistol”), sometimes also called Kampfpistole Z because of the white “Z” that was painted on the side of the chamber to discern it from the normal Leuchtpistole without the inserted rifled barrel used for firing the combat munitions.

Jack, no, the “Z” had the rifled barrel". Guns with insert barrels had no other markings as the insert was removable any time.

I presumed the auther intended that the inserts were set [soldered/welded?] into the pistols and not removeable…