German 2.8cm sPzB 41

The attached pictures show 2 x 2.8 cm sPzB 41 rounds, with HE and AP projectiles in super condition which I recently acquired. Can anyone confirm that the white stenciling on the base of the cases is original?

Thanks in advance.


On mine it looks more like a rubber stamp application, not painted as yours do, for whatever that is worth. Not seen too many of these with original ‘colors’ to know if there were variations in marking methods.
hope this is of use

Buster, I think the paint on your rounds is not original. In particular the white markings on the AP round are phantasy and do not reflect anything German. As the font is the same as on the sides of the cases I assume the other markings to be repainted too.

Pete, your’s looks awesome!

I tend to agree with EOD, particularly with respect to the white painted lettering on the base. Not so sure on the black side wall markings, would like to have them in my hands to make a better assessment. In any event, they are still magnificent items andI a particularly envious of the HE, which still eludes me. Thank you for showing.

Pete, congratulations. Great round.

i never seen beautifull rounds as these
the ub version is the first that i see
and the two other are in mint condition
i think the red paint is not genuine

Thank you for all your replies. I agree that the painting on the base of the cases and the writing on the sides is not original. Nevertheless still a nice pair of rounds.