German 20x138B "avu * WaA73 43 502" HE-T

I brought it from SLICS, from hallway auction. So, for 7,9x57mm an asterisk indicates “brass”. What is the meaning of the same asterisk here? The case is highly magnetic. Also, it was labelled “dummy” and there is a sound of something like a small piece of metal rolling inside. Sorry, I put a turkey instead of Reichsadler, I couldn’t find an eagle.

it a 20x137B “FLAK” HE-T (or HEI-T)
not a dummy
the fuze unscrew ?

the “small piece” inside is used by some collectors for indicate that the case is well empty of powder

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The caliber officially is 20x138B.
Instead of the Turkey icon it might be a professional way to use the word “eagle”.

I’d vote to exclude pictograms from thread titles in the software settings as this takes away from the professional part of the forum.

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The fuse unscrews and the cavity is empty, but the projectile is well seated and does not separate.

Sorry, just copied the calibre designation from the sale paper blindly without checking.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I have heard that nobody really knows what the asterisk is all about. A star will indicate brass. I have a steel cased 7.9mm grenade launching cartridge and it has an asterisk.

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The information I have always seen regarding the letter “S” on 7.9 headstamps of the post-WWI era was that it stood for the “S” case (7.9 x 57 mm) and the “S*” stood for the “S” case of the later brass material, identifying cases of 72% copper (allowable content from 71% to 74%).

Admittedly, the use of the letter “S” in regard to German 7.9 ammunition can be confusing:

S = Spandau
S = “S” type case
S* = S type case of 72% copper
S = POSSIBLY the case of 67% copper (this gleaned from the early P25-code 9 mm cartridges that had “S” only where the case material marking was later on the head.
S = The 7.9 x 57 Cartridge designation for the rounds with 154 grains spitzer bullets
S = The type “S” bullet itself (154 grain Spitzer)

I am not at all sure that list is complete for the 7.9 x 57 use of the letter “S” in various ways, and I am not at all sure that I am completely correct, but it is what I gleaned from a lot of material when I was collecting the 7.9 x 57 cartridge.

Everything I have ever heard, in 57 years of collecting, about the use of the Star or Asterisk (5 or 6 points) is that the number of points by itself is meaningless - simply a choice of the bunter maker or the instructions they received for any specific headstamp.

John Moss

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The meaning on 20mm is known as far as I remember.