German 20x138b ruptured case extractor

Hello Everyone,

I bought this a couple months back for cheap in a much worse, rusted state. Definitely not my normal area of collecting and knowledge so it’s stumped me for a bit now.

After cleaning it and a single marking coming out, I can definitely say its a German 2cm / 20x138b case extractor, but upon comparing it to ones I could find on Google it’s quite different, maybe just a variant? The single marking is a simplified German eagle with “WaA 153”.

It does seem it was put back together wrong, with the 3 threaded “fingers” being at the bottom and not the top of the extractor. It unfortunately will not come apart despite my best (gentle) efforts. It seems to be only 3 parts, the “case” head, sleeve with 3 fingers and a centre rod which threads into the head with the loop at the top. The head also has 2 wrench flats on either side.

I’ve included one of the few photos of a good condition, complete case extractor from the net.

Thanks in advance! :grin:



Try Kano Labs KROIL, or if that does not free the rust, try Kano Labs ExRust.
KROIL will not harm any steel, is very thin so it creeps into very tight areas to free rusted parts.

Sometimes if the rust has completely bound things together I resort to ExRust, which disolves rust like Hydrogen Peroxide does with blood. Just be aware that ExRust can remove bluing also, but, probably not an issue with this piece.


To my information WaA153 inspectors were in 1942 by the Skodawerke, in Königgrätz CZ.


Thanks for the advice on the rust removers, I had it sitting in a little vat of penetrating oil for a week and even when heated with a torch it wouldn’t budge. I’ll give the Kroil stuff a try, if I can find it here lol.

Would be useful in restoring a Canadian 106mm HEAT-TP projectile I have too, dang thing won’t come apart!

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Interesting, and good to know! Possibly just a different manufacturer led to the differences in construction?

Thanks to a member of a Facebook ordnance group it has been ID’d as the extractor that comes in a Flak 38 parts box. Also pictured is a mint condition one taken apart.

So it would seem someone did put it back together wrong 3/4 of a century ago, oops!