German 2cm Flak educational poster wanted (photo)


I have re-drawn / re-constructed a total of 9 German educational ammunition posters, which will subsequently be published in the IAA Journal.
Amongst those are posters of 8mm Mauser, 8mm Panzerbuechse, 13mm MG131, 15mm MG151, 2cm aircraft gun and Flak ammunition.

If anybody has detailed photos or copies of similar German posters (small arms ammo + cannon ammo) , I’d be happy to try and re-construct these as well.

There is especially one 2cm Flak poster I would be interested in, but unfortunately the quality of the blueprint copy is very low. This copy is shown below.

Does anybody have this 2cm Flak educational poster in better quality? Especially important would be the small text being readable.


Nobody …?