German .308 box


When was the 1st usage of NATO symbol in .308? NATO existed since 1949, so by 1959 they probably would consider placing it onto the headstamp. What does “LOS” mean?


LOS is the German word of Lot.



While NATO was founded in 1949, the first use of the NATO design mark was not until 1954. The design mark denotes that the ammunition has been manufactured to a design which satisfies a NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG) - in this case STANAG 2320. The earliest cases with the (+) symbol were manufactured by Belgium, French, US and Canada and are dated 1954. Britain, who was heavily involved in the trials leading up to the adoption of the 7.62mm NATO cartridge, did not use the (+) symbol until 1957. The earliest German cartridge I’ve seen with the symbol is 1961. However, there are many lots of 7.62x51mm German ammuntion that lack the (+) symbol with later dates



I would not expect the NATO standardization symbol on German Police, Federal Police or customs cartridges.