German .32 cal. Cartridge DWM Headsatmp Red Strip Bullet

I am looking to identify this cartridge. It appears to be .32 cal… The DWM Headstamp makes it German I think. The headstamp is (clockwise from the top) DWM B 47BA B. The case appears to be steel with laquer coat. The bullet has a Red Strip which could be sealant? Would like to I.D. it, when made and find out if it is of any collector value? Thanks in advance. … 20B/01.JPG[/img] … 20B/02.JPG[/img]

It is a very nice condition German WWII 7.65/.32 ACP. Pretty common round, worth about US$1.00.

Globalcooler - your round was made by the Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken, Berlin-Borsignwalde, Germany. The red stripe on the bullet is actually a red neck seal for keep oil, water, etc. our of the case. The primer has a red seal around it also. That is the norm for DWM BB rounds The number “479A” (note the actual number - it is typed incorrectly in your question) is the DWM Case Register number for this pattern case - that is, the .32 Auto (&.65 mm Browning) cartridge case. The number “479” was used briefly, but only on case from the DWM Karsruhe factory (KK). I am not sure what change prompted the addition of the letter "
a to the number, but that, too, is common with DWM ammunition of the pre-WWII era.

The same cartridge as yours is also found with a brass case.