German 37mm - crazy experimental design

Now this is wild! This was on a auction site advertised as a experimental German 37MM round. Definitely something unusual. Anyone have any insight to it? I have never seen a projectile of any size designed like it before.


Not that I know for sure but it does not look German to me but it certainly sells much better as such.

That makes NO sense.

I agree! I hope someone has an idea :-)

I know this kind of bullet but for small calibers.

JP, do you happen to have any pictures or information about the smaller bullets with this design? Just curious as this is just so “Out Their” in design.

Also, I uploaded a few more pics to Photobucket of this 37 in case it helps. The information on the web site stated, that it came from Hillerleben Proving grounds in Germany and was loaded in with asphalt inert fill. (Never heard of using asphalt as a fill B4)


Maybe it was an attempt to create a super-low drag projectile for higher velocity or longer range?


Please note that at Hillersleben huge loads of captured ammo got tested. So a foreign manufacture is entirely possible.

The guy told me that this bullet was captured from their and sent to Aberdeen Proving Grounds for study. Forgot to add that bit of info :-)

The rotating band appears to be the type found on certain Skoda designed projectiles, such as those for the 37mm Vz.34, so this projectile may be Czech in origin, possibly a Skoda experimental. If the Skoda WWII and earlier archives have survived, a check of them would be worthwhile.


How’s this for a SWAG? Could it be two seperate projectiles that coincidently happen to have threads that screw together? The shorter one is missing the lower part.

Ready, aim, FIRE!