German 7,5cm Granate 38 Hollow-Charge Shell (drawing)

Another hollow charge shell using a nose fuze to provide ignition, via a tube, for a base mounted gaine, thus detonating the main charge.

Happy collecting, Peter

Peter, did you intend to show the same image twice?

errr … no.

I could have sworn there was only one image immediately after I submitted it. My mouse finger must have been twitching for some reason.


Ah, and I thought now you might have intended to show 2 different ones.

No, it was just a mistake on my part … but, now you mention it, here’s another view from a different series.

This one has a frustrum and a tracer component.

Happy collecting, Peter

Yes, here we can see the HEAT evolution in the stages 2 (HL/B) and 3 (HL/C which was the final).