German 7.62 Nato?

This is out of my area but this cartridge has been sitting in front of me on my desk for days and I’ve tried to learn more on the internet, without much luck. I know it’s not likely anything special because it survived SLICS last year in my sale bin. The bullet, which seems more pointed and perhaps lighter, seems to have a nickle jacket and is slightly reactive to a magnet. Would like to know more about it. Is it experimental or production? Which country used this (I know its a German hdstmp)?
Was it made for the Cetme rifle?(German/German?)

Production, German Military Surplus…came on sale from Germany 2008-9 (15 year rule). Very common, Standard Ball cartridges, Nato Specs ( 147 grain bullet, etc.).

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

Thanks Doc. Back in the random box this one goes.

DM-111. Common shooter ammo these days. Have some at the local gun shop here in town even…