German 7.62x39

The headstamp is “22 80”, the box is made by Neudel. Is it really German or just re-packed in Germany?

“22” from the headstamp=Romania, plus the all red primer is another identifier.

From the angle the photo was taken these look like 7.92 x 57mm (56mm)( viewtopic.php?f=1&t=77 ) Romanian cartridges or is this an illusion caused by the photo?

That’s my wide lens, these ARE 7.62x39’s. So it is a German re-pack? Or the packaging company just guessed at the origin of this ammo?


I would guess who ever boxed these cartridges was guessing these cartridges were (East) German manufacture (lots of East German steel case 7.62x39mm was imported years ago) so that’s how they labeled the boxes.

Lots of guessing going on here!

Original 20 round boxes, look here: … -2052.html


Vlad, do the cases have side prints (some logo or letters and caliber designation “7.62x39”)?
If so these are cartridges which were CIP certified by/for a German trade company and as per law got the status of the manufacturing entity.
So it could be the reason for the new ID of the manufacturer.

Also it can be that the company was using cases of demilled cartridges and reloaded them and then of course is the official manufacturer.

What do the other markings on the box say?

Sorry, no side markings on rounds, and nothing special about the box, the back is all filled with various shooting precautions, hang-fire precautions and weapon usage guidelines. No address of the company.

"reloaded" new cases ?
because there are no sealant on the bullets

Vlad, these cartridges were re-manufactured (bullets replaced) in Germany by Spreewerk Lübben GmbH and intended for the US market. Different cases can be found, including those manufactured in Bulgaria, DDR, Hungary and Romania. The boxes were bought from Neudel Verpackungen.

As per the missing CIP marks and no manufacturer on the box these are clearly made for export outside the CIP agreement zone.
Maybe in particular for the US market.

Nice boxes though!

Also found with Soviet “711” cases mixed with those Fede mentioned.

Charles. J. Wells (Jack)
SGM. U.S.A. Ret.