German 7,62x51 dummy cartridges

Looking through my dummy cartridges and trying to enforce some kind of order on the things I’m wondering about the various types of cartridges with the pinned steel base made in Germany.

From left to right;

No flutes, no headstamp
4 flutes, headstamped '7,62x51 HK-64’
4 flutes, no headstamp

I wonder if there are any others to look out for.

Happy collecting, Peter


I’m not sure whether you’re asking for other examples of German 7.62mm NATO dummies or Huck-type dummies in any calibre. Assuming it to be the latter here are two Huck 7.9 x 57mm Ex-patr DM10 examples.


acc to The military Cartridge 7,62 x 51 NATO from Mr. Brandt, you
have three out of four. There is one other version with no flutes, no HS
but with different bullet shape. Shape is more like that from the 8 x 57
bullet and it looks on the picture that the top of the bullet is cut off.
Maybe they used old 8x57 dummies to make the 7,62 NATO ones



Did you use the infamous IAA Search function for Huck Dummies. It seems like there was a thread that showed some of these variations. Different number of grooves. Different retaining pin locations. Stuff like that.

Good Luck


Just a quick reply, heres a photo I took quite some time ago, I think I have added further variations since then.

The cal. .50 BMG is missing.