German 7,62x51 experimental from 1968

I have this cartridge in my collection and no further information.

The cartridge hase a electric primer…

any help appreciate…


headstamp 7,62x51 68 DAG

I have had a very brief look in Die Militarpatronen Kaliber 7,62x51 mm NATO ihre Entwicklung und Aberten/ The Military Cartridges Caliber 7,62x51 mm NATO their development and variants by Brandt there are in the experimental section 2 DAG electric primed rds listed headstamped (1) DAG and the other (2) DAG 7.62x51 or it may be (2) DAG 7,62x51. The information given is the usual measurements and Propellant charge for (1) 41.67 gr of Nc ball powder K 503 and for (2) 43.21 gr of Nc ball powder K 503.

My one has a pale brown insulator with just a DAG h/s at 6o’clock in quite small letters.