German 7,9 Charger list 1934 -1945

I’ve been collecting cartridge clips and chargers for almost 20 years now and it’s always useful to have a list of what there is to find … both to mark off what you have and to see what you still need. Whilst my Christmas dinner cooks I thought I might share my one of Gernam 7,9x57 chargers from 1934 to 1945.

This started as soon as I began collecting, there were lists around but nothing definitive … to get on this one there had to be a picture of the charger involved, not just a rumour that someone had seen so-and-so a while back and “he definitely had such-and-such” … so this one is as comprehensive as I could make it. If anyone spots a mistake or something that I’ve missed, please let me know … with a picture … and I’ll correct it toot sweet.

The white squares are those that I’m still looking for (hint, hint)


PS … if anyone wants a copy of this as a Word document so you can edit it yourself, just drop me a line.,


Much obliged for this info. I collect chargers as a side hobby, first guns, then ammo, then chargers. Just curious, how come you don’t collect ammo? To me ammo (and guns) are a direct link to the past, I am holding something from the time long gone, something from the hands of people of that time (imagine holding Alexander the Great’s shield or helmet).

He lives across the pond Vlad in merry olde & permits & such are hard to come by.
I’d think that would be the reason, but he probably hates those evil guns & likes silly things like telegraph key sets.

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Ah, that’s easy … I live in England and despite having a Firearms Certificate I can’t be bothered with all the extra fuss that collecting live ammunition involves. I do collect dummies and drill rounds for a few favoured calibres, usually ones I’ve shot regularly, from countries with enough variety in their offerings to make things interesting.


PS … live firing is still allowed in the UK, as are the guns to do it with (unless it’s a pistol) … here’s me at Bisley at a Service Rifle Competition a few years ago, when it was still possible to shoot using any position … now it’s just Prone that’s allowed, which I find very dull.

Bisley2 copy


Thanks a lot for sharing this list. I’m in the process of going through my collection of chargers, and this is very helpful for me. I have some that I’m not sure of, I will find the time to post that later. I also seem to have one MPU 43 marked steel clip, I see you need that one.

Peter, here is a great idea. Get together with other magazine and ammo storage enthusiasts and published (digital or paper) book on this subject. I am highly confused by this subject and shall purchase one for sure.

Your list has to be changed.

Look first here:

Norbert Berg

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Does anyone besides me wonder if the fxo 44 is legit? Is it? Jack

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