German 7,9 P14A 1L/40


Not a common box. Thought some of the German 7,9 collectors here would like to see this. Cartridges match the box label: P14A 15/40 JH


I guess its probably too late to get ahold of Santa and let him know that’s what I want for Christmas!!


Here is a picture of the cartridges Phil. JH


Pardon my ignorance, but what is significant about the box or rounds?


Jon – Although the individual cartridges are not overly scarce, an original full box with label is almost unheard of.

The P14A box (I took the picture) on page 16-22 of “Die Patrone 7,9mm der Deutschen Wehrmacht 1930 -1945” by Windisch, Micke and Kellner is the box that Jim has. That should give you some idea of its scarcity when the people in Germany doing a book on German 7.9mm need to use a picture of a box that is in the US for their book.!!


This is a remarkable label.

Interesting is the loading with the 15th case lot.
The first 4 lots from P14A are only known as blank 33. It is possible they did not reach the wanted case quality at that time.


The case metal codes are interesting, particularly on lacquered steel cases. I only know of one example of this in 9mmP and it is quite rare. There are a lot of P14A coded 9mmP in brass cases and these 7.9s make me wonder if there is a steel case P14A hidden away somewhere. Thanks for the interesting headstamps.




Lew - the cases shown are lacquered steel H/S P14A IXg1 15 40. I don’t think there are any P14A brass cases in 7.9mm.

Or did you mean lacquered steel in 9mmP? If you did, ignore what I just wrote!!


Sorry, I was rushing again. I meant a lacquered steel case with a P14A headstamp. The only case metal codeon a lacquered steel case 9mmP is fb XIfa17 1 41 and I only know of 4 or 5 rounds. All the P coded 9mmP steel case have copper washed steel cases, not lacquered steel cases.

With the P14A code on 9mmP in 1940, I know of lot numbers 5 through 55 but all in brass case. With the steel case 7.9 being in production at the same time, I have to wonder if they also tried out a steel case 9mmP in 1940. They produced Lacquered steel case 9mmP with the dou headstamp in 1941. They must have begun sometime so maybe somewhere there is a P14A steel case in 9mmP.




Lew, I am not a 9mm collector.

Yes, following the information I have P14A made 55 brass lots of 9mm in 1940.
The first “dou” lot of 1941 was a CWS steel case the other 3 lacquered
All other 104 lots from 1941 were made in brass cases.
In 1942 and later they only made steel cases.
Because the first lots exist in steel and brass, they could start steel case production any time in 1941.



Lew - What about P25 VIIa1 1 41? Mine is not in good shape, but I am sure it was lacquered steel, and not CWS. I don’t have the “fb” with the early type material codeI think it is much scarcer than the P25 version, although the P25 I guess is not so common either.


Dutch, I have never seen or heard of a dou case that is CWS! I’d love to get a photo of that for my records. A great item!

John, Of course you are correct, there was a P25 lacquered steel case with the case metal code. It is a standard dark gray lacquer. I had overlooked it.

Both the P25 steel case and the fb with case metal code are quite hard to find. My fb round is not in good shape but I have seen one that is like new and it is definately lacquered steel.