GERMAN 7.9 PZB box

Typical box and shell for the 7.9 PZBs.


Ooooh, thats nice! I have a single round of it, would love to stumble across a box!


And here how they are found today.

Wherabouts were those found, and are what sort of state are the rounds in?

Found in Russia, no idea about the condition. I assume they were not bad at all.

Whoever found that many rounds could make a quite bit of money if the sold them inerted, especially in the UK.

[quote=“EOD”]And here how they are found today.

The biggest problem with these aside from the condition is that they are not in the US of A. Good luck getting them out of Russia.

So far no problem. I’m just not interested in German stuff and so it stays there. Besides that these cartridges and boxes are available in Germany in sufficient qty and mint condition.

Damn, and I’d love to find even a DAMAGED round to section (to go with my live round).

Start sending them soon.

Actually I do not send anything anymore.