German 7,9 Smk H loading lot sizes

Notice loading lot numbers, time stamps & almost total component continuity, including head stamps. Lots 131 & 132 are totally identical. Note recycled chargers. Loading lot size? Dutch, Phil?

This is the Smk H box that preceded the other three, lot 130. Though it is an earlier label, it has the next day time stamp. JH

JH, thanks for showing them.

It is amazing that they have two packing facilities at the same day for those rounds.
Until now I did not had the opportunity to study them so closely. The things I know is that the cores, in the files they speak about “Bohrkernen” were ordered from WaA. After receiving them on a wooden board (100) 30 boards is a wooden box, they were checked (Abnahme) and sealed/stored. WaA was the owner of the cores. These cores came from Krupp Wuppertal and Röchling Buderus, Plant Finowfurt. You can read this on your box label “Rö F”.

The cores were loaded in bullets and before loading they were tested on precision.
I have a document reporting that 10 bullet lots by WaA in Altenburg were redrawn from production. Half of then were already repair deliveries.
They shipped back to remove the core out of the bullet for recycling.
In this letter from 1940 they also told that they must stop producing these rounds because they were out of cores.

Unfortunately I cannot tell you how many cartridges were in one lot.


Thanks Dutch. Perhaps there is some information on what the size of a core lot was. That might give us a clue as to the size of the loading lot by watching the core/bullet lot numbers on the labels. JH

The lot size of cores was up to 100 thousand according to TL 13/2010 of May 7th, 1936.
For acceptance, such a lot was divided into sublots (Raten) of 20 thousand cores. But there are no rates mentioned on the labels shown.

One lot of SmK(H) bullets could also be up to 100 thousand (TL 13/1014 of February 25th, 1935). This size being standard for special bullets like SmK or PmK.

On the other hand, entire production in April 1940 was only 949200 rounds, of these 203600 during the first decade of the month (day 1 through 10), 296400 in the 2nd and 449200 in the remaining days of April 1940. (Index card in Militärarchiv Freiburg)

Regarding the rubber-stamped dates my proposal is that the Roman I and II stand for 1st and 2nd shift on the same line, not two lines.

The reason I asked about loading lot sizes for the Smk-H is the high loading lot numbers. For example in 1939, the earliest Polte labels I have begin with loading lot # 14 (Jan. 18th, 1939) and progress through to loading lot # 512 (Dec. 28th, 1939). These lots must be very small compared to other loadings, or the Smk-H must have been the most produced 7,9 cartridge the Germans ever loaded. JH