German 7.92 Dim Tracer Cutaway

Cartridge on the left is a German 7.92x57mm Dim Tracer with improved powder, head stamp ecq/ s*/ 2/ 42.
Awhile ago, cut a Yugoslavian reloaded 8mm AP/T and thought that the tracer compound had been contaminated red (rust?).
Now I’m thinking its a dim tracer that has been mistaken as a normal AP/T. These are the two cartridges on the right, one normal and the other dim(?). Both are head stamped 11//55/ and came from the same box. wolfgang

As always a fantastic job of sectioning
Jack Wells

Sgt. Maj. USA. Ret.

Great cuts.

The name of the round officially is SmK Glimspur – v
The head stamp must be; edq S* 2 42 :)