German 7.92 KAM Headstamp Variant



Here is an example of a KAM headstamp I have not seen before. It is 41 dated and has a plain “St” headstamp instead of the typical “St+” I’ve seen on all other KAM production from 1941. This particular round shows some corrosion in the area where the lot # would normally be. I’ve looked at the round under a 16x glass with lots of light and it appears that there never was a lot# there. It is loaded with a natural wood (no dye) Platz Patronen 33 projectile. Anyone else out there have any like it to compare?




Nice headstamp.
I’m guessing it was just a defect, Dutch has posted some images before of the headstamps evolving to meet with German standard production during this period, but with the primer crimps and the green primer markings the case must have produced as a heavy ball, but a defect in the case, possibily a mark on the headstamp, or the fact that there has been an error in the ‘st’ which has ensured that this case was subsequenty manufactured/ loaded as a Platz round.



The first known steel case lot of 1941 has a St+ head stamp. (kam St+ 1 41)
It could be they start working with steel cases “St” this way and changed immediately to a St+ case for war production.

The “old” cases were used for blanks.

Very nice and rare head stamp.


Based on your comments I have a theory.

One possible scenario is that this round was made while they were gearing up for steel cased production, but before they were shipping them to the front. That would explain the lack of a lot#.

It looks like the blemish visible in the headstamp is a flaw in the steel, not corrosion, as the remainder of the round is not rusty. Maybe this one got swept up and landed in the “ok for blanks” pile as suggested.

Thanks for your thoughts. I guess it was my lucky day to find an unusual one for a change.