German 7.92 MG Links


I recently acquired a few German 7.92x57 Links.

I have two that are separate links and similar to the postwar French AAT 52 links. What gun are these for? The maker’s mark on there is “eek”.

I also have three links joined together by steel pins. I believe these were for either the MG15 or MG17. One has a marking of a B in a circle and the other two have only “B”. Who made these and what gun were they for? These links are damaged, possibly from impact. They could well have been salvaged by children as souvenirs from a crashed German aircraft during WW2.

In fact, the other two links may have been picked up after being dumped overboard from an aircraft.

Thanks for any info.


The MG 17 used the ones with the pins and it was designated “Gurt 17”.

The MG 15 was drum fed.

The disintegrating ones (different variants existed) were the Gurt 17/81 which was used for the MG81 and MG81Z.

JFL may enlighten us further.