German 7,92 mm reference books

Since David Kent’s excellent 1990 book is now hitting the $200 mark, is there any other english-language books available on the subject?
I know of the new german book (Von der Patrone 88 zur Patrone S) and I’ve considered ordering it also.
Oh, Hi everybody, new arrival here, hope I won’t ask too many stupid questions…
Soren (not collecting, since it’s not allowed here)

In Germany we are working on a new 7,9 Mauser book

It should be announced on the German 2010 show.
I will try to get some copies and take them with me to the St. Louis show.


That is very nice to hear, between Pierre Colmant’s pages and the german and italian ditto, theres not much to be had. I’ll look forward to the new book.
Does ECRA or the Patronensammlervereinigung have any representatives at the WBK in Kassel next week? A bunch of danish surplus rifle nuts will be there on the 26 :-)

I am on the Nov. 26 in Kassel.

Send you a P.M.